Sunday, December 11, 2005

The United States Military...

For all of you that email to tell me that I over GLORIFY and ROMANTICIZE the military...

Do me a favor. Watch The Military Channel for ONE week.

Suggestion: The Elite Forces series.

10th Mountain Division (on tonight)

HALO: Freefall Warriors (Hey, have any of you guys here been through this school at Bragg? --too cool...)

There are specials about the 82nd, about Sniper school, Parris Island...

Anyway, all that think my admiration is unwarranted and the military is made up of a bunch of hicks just looking for tech school money --watch some of these shows. There are schools (the HALO one for instance) that Special Forces officers have been waiting up to TEN years to get into!

*This has been an unsolicited and unpaid advert*

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