Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday Trivia - First Edition

Last week everyone seemed to enjoy the trivia that was posted...
A while back I bought the 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit. It has never been touched. I LOVE board & Trivia games --Cranium is my favorite, but I seemed to have married the wrong Man for that...
So I will justify the $40 (?) I spent on the game by doing trivia posts...

1) Who was still on track for sainthood in 2001, despite receiving a rare deathbed exorcism in 1997?

2) What author rejected an American Academy of Arts and Letters membership, saying: "Thanks, but I already belong to the Diner's Club"?

3) Which malady inspires the most online searches --allergies, erectile dysfunction or hemorrhoids?

4) What South American dictator, on a visit to Japan in 2000, sent his resignation home by fax?

5) What ABC newsman boldly asked Bill Clinton if he planned to supply prosecutors with a DNA sample?

6) What city unveiled a bronze statue of Kate Smith outside its sports arena in 1987?

7) What nation got 500 tons of frozen chicken legs as its first US food shipment in 38 years in 2001?

8) Whose short story Roselilly was briefly pulled from a California English in 1994, after a Christian group labeled it anti-religious?

9) What Seinfeld character was inspired by a real person who later ran as the ninja candidate for NYC mayor?

10) What herb is hyped to cut the flatulence-causing effect of beans?

11) What were 33 competitors in the 2000 Berlin Marathon disqualified for taking?

12) What celebrated Pennsylvania town has an Iroquois name that means "place of gnats"?

13) Who did 6 million Catholics petition the Pope to declare a "co-redeemer" along with Jesus in 2000?

14) What's the most common blood-borne chronic viral infection in the U.S. --HIV, Hep C or malaria?

15) What miles-per-gallon goal were Chevette, Escort and Lynx the first U.S. cars to attain?

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