Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Time Magazine --A Safe, Boring Pick This Year

Bono & The Gates'? Time's People of the year?

Ok, here's the thing, it's great that these richer-than-God people give lots of their non-hard-earned cash to charities. It really is...but so what? If you have three billion dollars would you ever miss a few hundred thousand -a million even? If I give you a $1,000 suit that I wore once but doesn't fit me anymore -does that make me a great person? It’s an expensive, killer suit but I couldn't have worn it anyway. I would never miss it.

I know so many people that give so much and have nothing... people that eat Raman noodles because they donated thier last $50. THESE people should be on the cover as the Person of the Year. If Time wanted to focus on charities they should have acknowledged REAL people who gave until it hurt -who sacrificed.

I'm glad celebrities donate large amounts of money instead of MC Hammering it all away, but they should...they get paid millions of dollars to cry on cue, but the fact that they constantly publicize the dollars they give cheapens it. If they gave until they were down to one mansion and one car --then maybe I'll be impressed…

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