Friday, December 23, 2005

Returning Troops: Some Good News...

It has been depressing reading all the bad news stories about returning troops over the past few months. How horrible to make it through a year in hell only to come back and go through hell here.

Speaking of going to hell... Monique Berkley has confessed to killing her husband in a plot to take his insurance money for her and her 18 year old Nubian lover. Note to parents: I have never met a woman named Monique that wasn't a total ho-bag. Refrain from the use of stripper names for your little girls.

I searched around trying to find some GOOD NEWS about our returning boys (and girls) and came across these stories...

A 27 year old soldier just back from Iraq (name hasn't been released) found a man thanking him for his service by trying to steal his car three days before Christmas. When Jose Ruiz Gomez saw the soldier coming towards him he then decided to lunge at the soldier with a screwdriver. What Jose Ruiz Gomez obviously didn't learn yet is that it's a bit silly to bring a Craftsman screwdriver to a gun fight. The soldier shot the offender in the leg and will now enjoy his Christmas with his car intact. Right on!

Another story, that I saw on local news last night but can't seem to find online, is about Sgt. Robert Nelson who is on medical leave from Iraq. A local school found out about him and, though they had never met him or his family, hosted a huge party for him in complete with tons of gifts for his family and a limo to pick them all up. It was very sweet and Nelson's very young son said, "It makes me so happy that other people are so proud of my daddy". Now that's the welcome home I wish all the troops received!

Another bit of good news was released by Rummy yesterday:
"At the recommendation of our military commanders and in consultation with our coalition partners and with the Iraqi government, President Bush has authorized an adjustment in U.S. combat brigades in Iraq from 17 to 15," Rumsfeld told about 500 U.S. troops at a town hall meeting in Baghdad. (source)

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