Monday, December 05, 2005

Rebuttal from In the Sandbox...

Last week I posted a letter from Stars & Stripes and now I am more than happy to post a rebuttal to that letter (sent to me from an Infantry Reservist currently serving in Iraq)... D now has the floor:

"I am offended by Sgt. Kopliku's op-ed piece that you chose to display.

The war in Iraq is largely a war being fought by the reserve component of which I belong. We have been called to duty and have answered the call. I do not understand the author’s assertion that I am not ambitious or career driven. To stay prepared for service I condition myself physically at least five days a week while CONUS or as much as ops tempo allows while here in Iraq. At home I shoot more than five hundred rounds a week with an AR15 purchased with my own money. How much does the author shoot? I attend every Army school I can. Do I have other priorities in life? I have family and a civilian job, but they have been left almost seven thousand miles away in order to protect the interests of the United States. Is that priority enough for him? Is that priority enough for you? Is there more that you want?

As I look around my unit I do not see any sheep here waiting to be slaughtered. Nor do I see any that are terrified of guerilla warfare. We prosecute the war everyday, and willingly engage the enemy. It is me and my fellows that are the wolves, not the other way around.

Speaking of fighting, we are a combat arms unit, Infantry to be specific. We have lost men already in the short time we have been here. That is a direct result of combat operations outside the wire, not washing Sgt. Kopliku's trucks or laundry.

I suggest that Sgt Kopliku rethink his view and review modern history before insulting those that are on his flank. We don’t need or want Iraqi augmenters, we need an effective Iraqi fighting force that can not only defend their sovereignty but police within it fairly and humanely.

As far as the Powell doctrine, perhaps if we had invaded with more troops as he recommended we would not have the lawless chaos in-country we have today.
I have had to hear this type of prejudice against the reserve component for twenty-six years, not all of it undeserved. We do have our problems. If Sgt Kopliku one day decides to finish his career here perhaps he can become part of the solution rather than discriminate. Or maybe he would have other priorities such as retirement points.

As far as I am concerned he can go fuck himself.
Have a very safe and comfortable day-"
D. , Iraq

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