Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New Carnival Venture...

Are any of you familiar with IMAO's "Carnival of Comedy"? Well, yours truly agreed to host this Thursday. I invite any of you that haven't participated in one of the carnival's to give it a try... It's a great way to bring traffic to your blog.

If you have a post that you feel is hilarious, funny or even mildly amusing -submit it before midnight Wednesday (Submission to be sent through Conservative Cat's Carnival Submission Page --Just scroll through the list to Carnival of Comedy). If I am understanding the hosting directions correctly --I have to divide the posts into Really funny, pretty funny and not that funny...or something of that nature. Wow, I hope I don't get any disgruntled comedians that issue a fatwa against me...

So many of you are VERY funny (I am thinking a dual Jethro/Zelda post, a Free monologue or even better a dual Free/Paul post...) Anyway, think about it, post it and submit it!


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