Friday, December 16, 2005

Murtha: He's a Pull Out Kinda Guy

Apparently Rep. John Murtha's plan to break all of our promises and surrender pull out of Iraq is now a "resolution"...The Murtha Resolution (Is this the birth of a Presidential bid?). Also, becoming more apparent is this is not new territory for former-Marine Murtha:

"After terrorists attacked U.S. troops in Mogadishu, Somalia 12 years ago, anti-Iraq war Democrat, Rep. John Murtha urged then-President Clinton to begin a complete pullout of U.S. troops from the region.

Clinton took the advice and ordered the withdrawal - a decision that Osama bin Laden would later credit with emboldening his terrorist fighters and encouraging him to mount further attacks against the U.S.

"Our welcome has been worn out," Rep Murtha told NBC's "Today" show in Sept. 1993, a month after 4 U.S. Military Police had been killed in Somalia by a remote-detonated land mine." (source)

This is how Bin Laden responded to Murtha's Ideas in his Declaration of War -1996:
" Few days ago the news agencies had reported that the Defence Secretary of the Crusading Americans had said that "the explosion at Riyadh and Al-Khobar had taught him one lesson: that is not to withdraw when attacked by coward terrorists".

We say to the Defence Secretary that his talk can induce a grieving mother to laughter! and shows the fears that had enshrined you all. Where was this false courage of yours when the explosion in Beirut took place on 1983 AD (1403 A.H). You were turned into scattered pits and pieces at that time; 241 mainly marines solders were killed. And where was this courage of yours when two explosions made you to leave Aden in less than twenty four hours!

But your most disgraceful case was in Somalia; where- after vigorous propaganda about the power of the USA and its post cold war leadership of the new world order- you moved tens of thousands of international force, including twenty eight thousands American solders into Somalia. However, when tens of your solders were killed in minor battles and one American Pilot was dragged in the streets of Mogadishu you left the area carrying disappointment, humiliation, defeat and your dead with you. Clinton appeared in front of the whole world threatening and promising revenge , but these threats were merely a preparation for withdrawal. You have been disgraced by Allah and you withdrew; the extent of your impotence and weaknesses became very clear. It was a pleasure for the "heart" of every Muslim and a remedy to the "chests" of believing nations to see you defeated in the three Islamic cities of Beirut , Aden and Mogadishu."

This was in direct response to Murtha's beliefs and solutions to terror. If you are an Iraq War naysayer -think about Murtha's "resolution" and then Osama's words as you ponder your "Bring Them Home Now" stickers...

(H/T: OnRightOnLeftCoast at Free Republic)
Cartoon: Day by Day -Chris Muir

Speaking of laying down...The Rottweiler has a great post up about John McCain's no "cruel, inhuman and degrading" interrogation tactics bill. The awesome Emperor Darth Misha I asks the pertinent question --who gets to define that?

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