Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I am pretty sure we've already had McCain discussions. Is he a good politician or just a good person... Could he ever get the '08 nomination... Are conservatives completely fed up with him... Is he just an Arlen Specter RINO...

There is an interesting article in Newsmax about the possibility of a run for McCain in the primaries and what Republicans and conservatives think of the possibility. McCain says he hasn't made up his mind if he'll run, but he's already started making nice with Jerry Falwell, who he previously declared an "agent of intolerance” who exerts an "evil influence” on the Republican Party. ...Guess he has lots of ass kissing to do to make up for that one.

One thing in the article that stood out for me was Falwell says McCain is pro-life. I thought the problem many conservatives have with him is that he wasn't pro-life (or he was one of those "I don't believe in abortion, but I am too spineless to run on that view" people). So, I went looking and found this which seems to back up Falwell's claims. It seems other than rape and incest (less than 1%) McCain is pro-life.

A more-shallow plus is that his wife is very cute. Edwards and Kerry found out that a dumpy wife can hurt you.

That doesn't change things for me as far as voting for him in the primaries. One poll shows him ahead of all potentials except for Rudy Giuliani, but another shows George Allen in the lead with McCain second. Of course, I'm not sure if my candidate, Fred Thompson, was thrown into the mix...

"Many conservatives don’t want to trust [McCain] with the Oval Office,” the National Journal concluded.

But McCain could conceivably win the GOP nomination without widespread support from staunch conservatives, according to Republican pollster Whit Ayres.

"He will never win the very conservatives, but he does have to do reasonably well among the somewhat conservative voters,” Ayres told the Star.

"It’s an open case right now whether he’ll be able to do that.” McCain has already sought to mend fences with Jerry Falwell, who met with the senator in his office two months ago.

"I would have very little difficulty supporting John McCain,” Falwell said afterward.

"When it comes down to Hillary Clinton and a pro-life, pro-family American hero with whom there may be some minor disagreements, I think John McCain will get an enthusiastic backing.” (source)

That may very well be the case in the general election, but I don't think he could weather the primaries... I think this "torture bill" was the final nail in the Oval Office coffin for McCain.

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