Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lots on Hillary...

The Democrats are being pushed to choose what side of the Iraqi fence they sit on and the anti-war voice is loud in the party...

Almost any conservative could have told you that Hillary was going to start shimmying to the middle of the aisle as 2008 looms in the future... Just wondering if some of these recent stories are foreshadowing for what is to come --with Ms. Clinton and the DNC.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I was confused when the Clinton's allowed Dean to take the top position in the DNC...their disdain for each other seems to be no beltway secret. Maybe they thought they could balance the new hawk and the hippie doctor to round up all the ideologies...?

Hillary is now set to co-sponsor a bill that will ban flag burning.

"Senator Clinton [has begun] a methodical campaign to undo her image as a dovish liberal with no interest in military affairs."

This thinking may be prudent to get centrists to vote for her...but what about that loud voice inside her party that is looking for a strong anti-war candidate and that still harbors resentment for Democrats in the Senate that authorized Bush's Iraq invasion? She had occasion to confront those anti-war/"bring them home now" voices this weekend --and do you know what she told them...shut up. Well, she said it a bit more like this:
You have strong opinions on Iraq and so do I, but people came here for a dialogue and right now "I don't believe that they want to hear from you at this moment". Ironically the rally was to promote young people's involvement in the political process. For much of the evening she had to practically yell over chants of "troops out now!”

This is definitely getting interesting. The GOP may have disagreements on trivial things like Kid Rock at the National Convention, but we're all pretty much on the same page with the major issues...not the case over on the left. It should be fascinating watching the old-school patriotic Democrats and the anti-war/Anti-U.S. libs fight this one out. I'm taking a front row seat...

Remember, Fred Thompson guarantees the win people... ;)

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