Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"It's God's Will...."

...Apparently those were a few of "Tookie" Williams last words --and these will be mine on the subject...

For those that were protesting the death, singing Joan Baez, burning flags in protest --for those of you with pangs of uncertainty as you think of the "Nobel peace Prize nomination" for the children's books that "showed he was reformed":

Obviously the fact that he shot a boy in the BACK while he was face down on the floor to steal $121 and joked about the "gurgling sound" he made while he died didn't move you.
The fact that it wasn't until THREE DAYS later that he killed the other three people -clearly showing that the first murder wasn't a fluke, didn't convince you...
You are still thinking that this man may have been able to help the urban youth of America in some way?
Maybe the fact that he never spoke out about the gang he created should ease that thought --and if not how about this...
He's so good with "reforming" and helping children that his own son is also housed in a California state facility. Yes, Tookie Jr. is also a felon.

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