Thursday, December 15, 2005

Internet Love & Marriage...

I'm not sure how many of you read IMAO (It's one of the "big boy" blogs). Founder FrankJ has recently wed fellow blogger SarahK. I believe they met when he had a t-shirt girl contest to see who would model his "Nuke the Moon" shirts. They married this weekend and that got me wondering if they are the first BLOG COUPLE to marry. I am sure online daters, chat roomers, etc have married in the past...but how many couples that met on BLOGS have married?

Congratulations to FrankJ who is quite hilarious and to SarahK -who is soon to be a fellow Heart in the Deck of Bloggers cards. They had the same cake topper as my sister (also a Blogger) and her man who ALSO got married this weekend...

(Sorry if you missed the pics...)

And speaking of Internet-based love, you have to read the article Cig has posted... A couple that met online, exchanged photos, had "racy" conversations, etc. -then finally met... It is a good story to read. Remember, just like in real life, internet people lie and it's easier to lie online. I am all for the new age of meeting online if that happens, but be cautious... you could be having cybersex with your mom! ;)
(H/T: Ciggy)

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