Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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An Apology and A Cowbell

"I was one of those “young officers” who rushed blindly to support the president (“Justified on a technicality,” letter, Dec. 11).

The letter writer is right. I am wrong. I apologize for blindly supporting “Chimpy McHalliburton” and his “Axis of Destruction.” I apologize for thinking the follow-up to Resolution 1441 (which promised “serious consequences”) was political cover for Tony Blair to push the war against Saddam Hussein past his back benchers and triangulate the Lib Dems. I apologize for recalling that then French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin sandbagged Secretary of State Colin Powell in January 2003 at the U.N. anti-terrorism conference, implying that France would veto the second resolution.

I apologize for reading subsequent Volcker Commission reports credibly implicating sundry French politicians, members of the Russian Office of the President, George Galloway, Father Benjamin, and others, in accepting oil vouchers (to say bribes would be gauche) from Saddam.

I apologize for believing in cause and effect. I apologize for not believing that the democratic, free United States should submit to that great and good deliberative body that is the United Nations, where Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Liechtenstein are in good standing. I apologize for thinking that the United Nations is hamstrung by national, corrupting influences.

I apologize for thinking China’s security relationship with, and investments in the oil sector of, Sudan essentially block any action against the Janjaweed (Sudan militia). Anyway, they’re not my people. While I’m at it, I apologize for the Kyoto Treaty being unsigned by the “Toxic Texan.” I apologize for our emissions going down, while Canada’s go up, and the European Union does nothing. It’s better to feel good than do good.

Most of all, I apologize for not believing that this world is governed by an enlightened, humanitarian impulse, with only the actions of that rogue Great Satan, marring global harmony, peace and social justice.

Can I have a cowbell, now?

My apology and $2.50 ought to get you a cup of coffee."
-Capt. F. Cameron Jackson (I think I'm in love), Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan (Stars & Stripes: Letters to the Editor)

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