Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Impeachment History

Apparently, Clinton's impeachment has made the history books. God, I would love to be in a class while that was being taught...

"Seven years after he was impeached in a scandal of sex, perjury and bitter politics, Clinton has become a fixture in major high school texts.

The impeachment is portrayed in the context of his two-term tenure, a milestone event, but not one that overshadows how Clinton handled the economy, crime and health care.

The most commonly used texts give straightforward recaps of Clinton's toughest days, with some flavor of how it affected the nation. Absent are any the lurid details of his relationship with Monica Lewinksy that spiced up daily news reports and late-night talk shows as the scandal and impeachment played out in 1998 and early 1999.

"It should not be in the book for titillating purposes or settling scores," said Alan Brinkley, the Columbia University provost who has written or contributed to several history text books. "It should be in the book because of its significance to our recent history." (source)

I read an article a while back that said Clinton was also being discussed in health classes as teachers sought to dispel the myth that "oral sex wasn't sex"...

Truthfully I'm not bringing this to your attention to bash Clinton...I find how "history" is recorded quite fascinating. How long things take to make the texts, whose perspective it's told from, how the teachers approach the subject. It makes you wonder about this war and what will be said --especially if Democracy is brought to fruition and Bush is given credit.

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