Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm a Minority...

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Apparently most of the country calls SODA "pop"., and here I thought that's what a balloon did. Apparently the other half calls SODA "Coke", but isn't that a specific brand? I know we have had this conversation before... We call SODA "Coke" too...if we're ordering a COKE. I am getting hung up on the whole ordering aspect:
"Hi, waitress, I'll have a Coke and make it a Sprite."

Only a small portion of the country (Northeast and California) calls SODA "soda"...

BUT, if you read this you will see that it all started in 1798 with "soda water"... hence the "soda fountain" in 1819 and the "ice-cream soda". The term "POP" didn't come about until 1861 (63 years later). No mention of the calling it “coke” phenomenon.

Posted for no other reason than I happen to find it interesting --and happen to know that North-Easterners are right, even if we are the minority... ;)

H/T: Joe Steadman

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