Monday, December 19, 2005

How Safe Are We Now?

I'm so confused.

As I understood it the 9/11 Commission concluded that one of the MAIN reasons that the 9/11 hijacking plot wasn't uncovered before that fateful day was because of the restrictions imposed by Jamie Gorelick's "Wall".

As I also understood the Patriot Act removed that wall. The 9/11 Commission said that with the wall down we were "safer" but another attack was still likely.

Now it seems the Senate is going to let this expire and the wall will go back up --in addition to some other very important measures. We haven't been hit since 9/11. Many other countries have. Why would you mess with success and make us even more venerable...?

As for the "eavesdropping" that people are getting so bent out of shape over. Please. Do you really think that government cares about your silly conversations? You have to know from watching even a few Law & Orders that the "probable cause" would have to stand up in court later. This measure was meant for a scenario such as this: The G-Men have a court order to be able to listen to one "suspected terrorist" and a "suspected accomplice". They hear a phone call that contains time sensitive/incriminating information. The suspect makes another call and you have no time to get another order to listen to said call. Makes sense to me.

It pisses me off that people looking to make political points are flirting with the paltry protections in place...

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