Friday, December 30, 2005

Hollywood's PC Portrayal of Terrorism

Oliver Stone is set to do the first movie about 9/11, starring Nick Cage in a leading role. I cringe at the thought of how that's going to play out...

Being released right now are Spielberg’s Munich, Clooney's Syriana and Jodie Foster's Flightplan.

"When terrorism goes to the movies in the post-Sept. 11 world, we might expect the plots, characters and themes to reflect some sort of believable reality. But in Hollywood, the politically correct impulse now overrides all else. Even the spectacular pyrotechnics, beautiful people and accomplished acting cannot hide it.

Instead, moviegoers can anticipate before the opening credits that those characters that work for the American government or are at war with terrorists will likely be portrayed as criminals, incompetents or people existing on the same moral plane as killers." (source)

What do we know about these films...
Munich :

Israeli agents that were sent to hunt down the Muslim terrorists that murdered innocent Israeli athletes are set on equal ground with the killers.
Typical Hollywood villianization of "big oil" --How about Hollywood complaining about "greedy" big oil as they make $6 million per film. Movies don't heat houses.
This one sounds the worst... The U.S. Marshals turn out to be the terrorists and the four Muslim men save the day. Really.

So this begs the question... Is it possible to be richer than God (therefore surrounded by "yes men" (and women) and retain an OUNCE of reality? Apparently not.

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