Friday, December 09, 2005

Five Things You Didn't Know...

...about ME.

AFSis tagged me with this one. I told her that after a year and a half I'm not sure how much more I have to tell...but I'll give it a shot:

1) You may not realize how short I am...even those of you that have met me (When I met Pax and SWWBO I was wearing REALLY high heels). I am only 5'1 3/4. Now, you may think I add the 3/4 because I want to be taller, but that isn't the case. I add it to be accurate. The second part of the thing you didn't know is that I have never wanted to be taller. With my mouth, opinions and bull-headedness --I think height added to that would have meant no dates for me... ;)

2) I still sleep with a stuffed dog. The Man has gotten used to that fact but when we first got married he would yelp, "It's touching me, it's touching me!" I use it more for neck support now than anything else...but he is pretty gross. His name is LeMutt and he was actually given to me when I was little by Teri. The picture above is what he looked like when I got him --click the picture to see what 20+ years will do to a stuffed dog...

3) Deep down I am prejudiced. No, not against any particular race...against painfully shy people and overly frumpy moms. I don't know why, those are just two things that irk me.

4) In high school I was in the Christian Leadership Conference, the Student Council and the Risk Club... (it sounds geekier than it really was --or not...)

5) I really want to get my nose done, but The Man says he'll divorce me if I do... apparently he likes my horrible nose.

The FIVE Bloggers I want to know more about and am tagging are:
JustRose (if I have to do it so does she)
SpaceMonkey (because I know it will be funny -pressure!)
Dan Rubin (because these stupid MeMes are part of the blogging experience)
Robbie (cause I don't know much about him)
and JP (because of the man-crush ;) LOL)

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