Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bush Gave Bon Jovi AIDS

The other day someone I respect dearly in the Blogosphere emailed to ask for advice about how to deal with a barrage of nasty commenters after she was linked and belittled on a far left site.

I was so angry that someone would target her of all people--so I went right over and left a scolding comment hoping to draw the wackos here and keep them from her site. I also advised her to disable the comments on the post they linked.

Later that day I was writing a post about the incident (mainly so Free, Ghost, Tom, Red, etc. could go have some fun over there) and began reading through the page (something I hadn't had time to do before I left my comment) --And low and behold -I may have an internet crush...

If all "liberals" were just like the owner (Liberal Larry) of this site BlameBush!... Well, let's put it this way. I take back what I said about the left having no sense of humor. ;)

Someone sent me this link and I can't quite figure out of it's just supposed to be (their definition of....) funny or if it's being nasty to the troops....Iraqi Brides

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