Monday, December 26, 2005

Bah-Humbug Sierra Club...

I have never been a Sierra Club supporter, but this will take my tree-hugger mocking to a whole new level...

They want people to abandon the tradition of Christmas trees and "decorate a piece of DRIFTWOOD or a STORM-FELLED BRANCH". (source)

Wow! What gorgeous Lenox ornaments you have on that rather large piece of driftwood...

I am at a loss on this one, if you are experiencing discomfort over the untimely death of the Christmas pine trees --buy a fake tree or a potted tree from Ikea. A "storm-felled branch"? Apparently even a fake tree offends these environmentalists:

"Environmental activists also appear to be struggling over which type of Christmas tree to condemn the most.

"The choice between real and not real is especially painful for some environmentalists. Either they desecrate the Earth and chop down a tree or buy a fake one that's full of landfill-clogging polyvinyl chloride, which is kryptonite to greenies," stated an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on Dec. 15, titled "Choosing a Christmas tree can be an ethical quagmire for environmentalists." (source)

But not only that --they seem to not want Christmas celebrated at all:
"Eric Antebi, the Sierra Club's national secretary, also suggested that people consider celebrating Chanukah instead of Christmas because Hanukah is a more earth-friendly celebration." (source)

This was the statement that sums up the movement for me though:
"I'm a forest activist and there's a dead tree in the middle of my house," Vance told the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month. "Geez, if I have a tree, why not nail the last snow leopard to the wall, too?" she said, referring to her concern for endangered species." (source)

Yeah, that's comparable... I guess I shouldn't be surprised coming from a movement that has declared a "war on diapers" and condones only diaper-free babies.
I have to bang my head on the wall now.

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