Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another Milestone in Iraq...

"For the third time in less than a year, Iraqis went to the polls Thursday to cast ballots in an election that could make the difference between peace and war in their country..."
1o million Iraqis are expected to vote

Yet, on this was written on a left-leaning Philly-based blog:

"The Republican National Committee recently rolled out an advertisement that gives us a preview of the Republican strategy for 2006. The commercial features the words of several leading Democrats denouncing President Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq. After showing a few sentences from Howard Dean, scary music starts playing and a white flag of surrender is waved. The implication is clear: liberals want to retreat from Iraq and surrender to the terrorists. This would be funny if it wasn’t so outrageous. President Bush is responsible for losing the war in Iraq. If anyone should be blamed, it is him. Blaming liberals might be a brilliant peice of political strategy, but it is rooted in some alternate universe." (Young Philly Politics --I think "young" is the operative word...)

We "lost the war in Iraq"?
Gee...wonder why the RNC choose the white flag of surrender. Was the public like this in other wars --claiming defeat while our troops were rebuilding schools and training soldiers...? Be anti-war all you want, but proclaiming we’ve LOST the war?!

Iraq the Model is blogging in real time.
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(H/T: AlexC for the heads up on our fellow Philadelphians)

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