Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another Complaint Against Bush...

It's no wonder the man has gone completely gray... He's the "dumb chimp", he's the "evil mastermind", he's the "Rove/Cheney puppet" and he's the "worst terrorist in the world"... a complete oxymoron when put together...

Now there's another paradox to add to the list:
He's "King George" *yet* he isn't fully using all his Presidential powers. Confused? You should be.

Okay, he's being called "King George" because the eavesdropping/NSA deal. Funny, I've been waiting to hear demands of a leak investigation from the likes of The Huffington Post, Kos and Atrios, but they haven't been forthcoming. Imagine that. There has been a probe launched into the leak --and, no shocker, the ACLU wants it called off!

Now, (are you ready?) he is being criticized for NOT using his Presidential powers enough. Apparently he has not PARDONED enough GUILTY CONVICTED people for the left's liking. So he gets slammed for trying to KEEP people from committing crimes and slammed for NOT LETTING PEOPLE OFF that have been found guilty by our judicial system. I'll never get it.

"Some legal analysts say Bush's infrequent use of the authority given to him by the Constitution is a missed opportunity. He has not used clemency to signal displeasure with long mandatory-minimum sentences or to highlight the rehabilitation of people who emerged from prison to contribute to their communities.

"He's being careful to the point of trivializing his pardon power," says Margaret Colgate Love, the federal pardons attorney from 1990 to 1997. "If he did absolutely nothing, he would be criticized as being stingy." The pardons he has granted for old, innocuous cases, she says, are "the least he can do. They say nothing." (source)

One could get whiplash from watching these people go back and forth...

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