Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Air Marshall Shooting...

Last week we never had the discussion here about the shooting of the bi-polar passenger (who claimed to have a bomb) on American Airlines in Miami. All of the headlines the next day were something like this:
U.S. Air Marshall Mercilessly Guns Down Innocent Passenger

The Rottweiler had a post about what headlines should have said.

Many a talking head were complaining about procedure and now "leading(?)Independent presidential hopeful" throws his two cents into the debate:

“My heart goes out to the wife of Mr. Alpizar so-called suspicious person carrying a backpack profiling him as a potential threat,” expressed Imperato.
“I do not believe that this situation was handled properly and believe that the air marshals owe a huge apology to the wife and family of the victim which has no price,” asserted Imperato. (source)

I have grown very weary of all the second guessing over the past four years...

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