Friday, December 16, 2005

500 lb. Man Arrested For Stealing Tacos and Milkshakes

Really. Thirty-three year old George Jolicoeur was arrested for continually scamming fast food restaurants into giving him free tacos and milkshakes by pretending there is hair in them and asking for his money back.

""Jolicoeur's rap sheet is as thick as a book," Local 6 reporter Chris Trenkmann said. When he was first checked into the jail in 1991, he weighed 360 pounds. This morning, the jail weighed him at 500 pounds."

Police in Sanford, Fla., and other cities are investigating the possibility that Jolicoeur was scamming area restaurants." (source)

The thing that confuses me is this - the article said that to ask for his money back he would pose as a policeman or fireman. Do you need to be a first responder to get your money back if there is something wrong with your food? And, in Florida are standards so lax that this man could pass for a police or fireman....?

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