Sunday, November 20, 2005

Worst Job In the World...

No, it's not McDonalds cook, trashman, plumber or a nursing home aid. It's the soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen (policemen and firemen also) that have to knock on some ones door and inform their families that their loved one is never coming home.

This article tells that tale in excruciating detail. I will warn you now that I had to stop about three times while reading --it was too much. I haven't cried like that in a long time.

To make matters worse (I was already beginning to resemble Mr. Miyagi), AG sent me an email directing me to This site that's run by the wife of a soldier that died in Iraq. There are "Happy Times" pictures and their engagement story...and her story of the three uniformed men that came to her door. It's beautiful and haunting and painfully sad. They seemed so happy, her husband was so handsome and their future was taken away so quickly.

I know this is a side of the war and our heroes that we would rather not think about and that we wish wasn't a reality. These articles were hard to read, but necessary to understand the full sacrifice.

H/T: Blackfive (who owes me a box of tissues)

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