Friday, November 18, 2005

What Would You Give Up?

PunkRockMommy has up a fascinating post. She asks the question, "[If you had to choose,] What would you rather be: blind or deaf?". While I was reading, I was thinking who would ever choose blind? She did, and so did many of her commenters.

There wouldn't be a second of hesitation if I were forced to make that choice. Being deaf means I wouldn't hear the boys screaming, "Mommy, he shoved Spiderman's foot in my eye!", or the dog barking at the UPS truck, or the beeping and cursing on Cottman Avenue, or Howard Dean...

Being blind would mean that I would never see laughter in my kids' eyes, a sunset over the sound, the leaves changing color in fall, the beautiful flowers The Man sends when he's been bad, my Kooba bag, or the reflection of a mountain in a lake.

I am curious to see what The Man would choose. Like PRM, he is also musically inclined. Maybe the musically inclined would give all those things rather than live life without hearing another note strummed...

If you had to pick...
Would You Rather be Deaf or Blind?

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