Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Uncanny: Blog Twins Assaulted in Separate Cities...

In a strange twist of cosmic events both Free0352 and my sister, AB, have been both come face-to-face with a twisted element of society...the armed felon.

On Friday, Free0352 was just doing his underpaid job as a civil servant (aka police officer) and was stabbed in the leg with a box cutter by a drunken perp. He's OK and was back to work yesterday...but geez, the kid has been deployed more than three times as a United States Marine and gets stabbed in Michigan.

Last night, AB enters a 7-eleven that's less than 2 minutes from her home to get a bite to eat and as she walks to the register two men enter the store and proceed to hold it up at gun point. She bravely hides behind the bread display (LOL -just kidding, well she did hide behind the bread, but I would have done the same...).

Thank God both of them are OK.

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