Sunday, November 06, 2005

Two Great Ideas...

Please go visit KEYSTONE SOLDIERS and find out how you can help with this year's "Stockings for Soldiers" program.

I know first hand that there are many troops deployed in both Afghanistan and Iraq that have received NO MAIL or PACKAGES from home since they've deployed. If you've ever talked to someone that has been deployed (especially in a combat zone) you know how much mail means to them --it's their life-line to home.

Imagine how much a stocking of goodies would mean after months of sitting empty handed during mail call!

Stockings for Soldiers (There you will find a list of items that they need -Please go take a look because items must be received by November 26th to make it to the troops in time!!! Thanks guys!)

...and as always, thanks SO much to Lordzmom at Keystone...this woman is TIRELESS in her efforts!

The second great idea is for people here in PA... adopt a military family this Christmas. These are families in need that are mainly just asking for small things for their kids.

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