Thursday, November 10, 2005

They Say it's Your Get Some!

Not only did I join the "Army Team" in Project Valour IT's Battle of the Branches (which WON btw...), but now I have neglected to post about the birthday of the United States Marine Corps...which is today. Shame on me.

The 230th birthday of the "Oldest and the Proudest", the "Second to None", the "Arm of Decision", the "Elite of the Elite"... who are "lightning from the sky, thunder from the sea", "Angels on your Helmets", "Hell in a Helmet", "The Professionals", and "No better friend, no worse enemy".

The Marines that I have had the honor to meet have been among the funniest, quirkiest, cockiest bad-asses one could hope to know. They are proud, brave and loyal...which are qualities that I admire immensely.

Free- You transcended an "internet friend" a long time ago.
Jpck- You are an awesome person and what I envision when I think of cocky Marine ;)
Eric (SWG)- You have that great and natural humor and sarcasm that so many writers have to work so hard for.
Sgt. B - You are the warrior with the kind soul!
J (Liz's brother) - Congrats on your very recent Paris Island have large boots to fill!!!

(Please let me know who I'm forgetting so I can add you -after all that's going on I'm a bit hazy today...)

I apologize to all my wonderful jarheads that I needed to be reminded...

Happy 230th... Semper Fi and Oohrah!

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