Monday, November 28, 2005

Social Security - Gen X Will Take the Hit...

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the whole Social Security dilemma (though it seems I am the only one...).

President Clinton said it was a "crisis" years ago, and somehow now that Bush says it's a "crisis" the definition of crisis changes to mean political hype (Hey, just like Saddam having WMDs...are we seeing a pattern here? Raspberry nose says it and it's true, Bush says it and it's right wing scare tactics....)

So here's there's the thing, everyone is really indignant over certain car companies announcing that promised pensions and benefits will never be brought to fruition for long time workers...though they were indeed promised. The car companies knew this was coming, but didn't want to scare/panic their workers (and maybe thought a magical "out" would appear). If workers would have known when the trouble began, they could have made alternative plans. Unfortunately none of that happened and many will live in poverty, depending solely on SS, for their last years. This is what is going to happen to Generation X...

...and I blame it on the progressives of the Baby Boom generation.

Yes, once again, blame it on the libs. Here is my layman's take on the problem:
Each generation pays into SS, but not for themselves, for the generation or two before them. The folks receiving the SS now are the creators of the Baby Boomers...they deserve the SS as they did their part in replenishing the work force. The problem began when the Boomers grew up and embraced hippie-ism, feminism and choice. On top of the fact that all these "progressive" ideas mean less children (translation: smaller work force), they also come of retirement age when there are way too many medical advances to keep them alive and using up the SS way longer than they should. So, not only did they fail in replenishing the work force that will pay their Social Security...they are overstaying their welcome by not signing DNRs when they're 80+ years old. The burden of funding this huge, never-dying, non-procreating generation will then fall on the shoulders of Generation X...and we will be in the same boat as those car company employees when it's our turn to collect. Screwed.

So, unlike many that bitch about various dilemmas that face our country, I offer up a "FAIR" solution. As Social Security teeters on the edge of disrepair, we change the rules a bit to make it fair (something the libs they always want people getting something for nothing). You get back from SS what you put in. Not in a monetary fashion...but in a "who's paying your way" practicality. If you have no're out of luck. You didn't put back into the work force. Sorry. If you have one kid, you and your spouse have to split the SS. Two kids and you’re covered. Three-plus kids and I guess there should be some perks or something...

In America we do have many choices...but that doesn't mean those choices don't have consequences. If you picked being a CEO or a perpetual bachelor over having kids --that's perfectly fine, but you're on your own after retirement.

Don't hate the "breeders"; we're keeping your parents and grandparents in cat food...

Amendment: It has been brought to my attention that I failed to address a crucial constituent in my "solution" that would create an unfortunate loophole. My amendment to the aforementioned proposal would be:
*Any time during the raising of said children (i.e. workforce) you are on Public assistance to raise them -that time will be deducted from your SS for a day.*

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