Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SCOTUS: I'm Confused Again...

OK, this is a serious question...I am not being facetious.

I am wondering why anyone on either side of the aisle would want anyone but a conservative on the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is an unelected life appointment. The sitting judges have no accountability to the people for their actions/decisions. (Most) Conservatives believe the Constitution is "carved in stone" --it is not something to be expanded or diminished. It is not a "living, breathing document" in their court. If it is a "living, breathing document" it means that court can make it into whatever they want it to be...nine unelected people.

If the Constitution should "live and breathe" it has to be through amendments that are decided by the democracy state by state by the people --not on the whim of unelected judges.

I understand the left's thinking behind wanting liberals on the courts... They know their agenda would never be approved by the people. Americans will never vote to ban God or allow a nine month old baby to have its brains sucked through the back of its skull. So, I understand why they would want all the lower courts packed with the "living, breathing" crowd...but not the highest court, not the last word. The "living, breathing" judges should scare everyone when it's the end word.

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