Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pure, Unadulterated Feminism...

I did it for all those women out there that have been objectified for decades. I hooted and hollered and cat-called to attempt to even the score. For you women I endured hours of hot, sweaty, gyrating, mostly naked men. It was an exercise in evening the score, in true equality and in turning the proverbial tables. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Don't worry AB and JustRose, what happens at The Cave stays at The Cave... ;)

When your baby sis is getting married in less than a week, you are expected to do something memorable...a bonding experience and laughter to sustain the next few years of marital "bliss"... She is finally ready to turn in the sassy boots and $200 bags for dirty diapers and sore nipples and that transformation deserves a hearty celebration!

We began the evening at The Marrakesh (one of my favorite restaurants). Seven courses of delectable meats, fruits and powdered phyllo dough. The ambiance is key with barely lit rooms, Arabic adorned walls and big cushioned seats.

The party then moved on to Delaware Avenue's infamous "Cave". It's male review X 10. We all got comp'd and VIP seating thanks to my good friend Jim (thanks Jim!!!!) --you gotta love good connections and VIP. For one night we indeed were Very Important People that got to sit next to the stage while all the "regular" girls crammed in far from the action.

The police man, the fireman, the Italian Stallion, the construction worker and the Military man were among the many that put on a show. It's very dependant on audience participation and by the end of the night I had no voice. ALa/AB Mom went and...Well let's just say a bicep or two may have gotten a little kiss...LOL

This still doesn't compare to men's clubs as the dancers were wearing as much clothing as they would on a beach...but the laughter was plentiful, the bonding unique, the atmosphere jovial and the estrogen tangible. It was indeed, pure, unadulterated feminism...

And for all the girls that couldn't be there --I took these just for you! Enjoy...
The Fireman and the Policeman:

Best Dancer:

The Military Man:

So there you have it...I will persevere through even this to advance the equality of the sexes. The Conservative feminazi at your service!

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