Thursday, November 03, 2005

Presidential Pardons and Beltway Incest

I was going to suggest that Bush keep riding the momentum of the Alito nomination and pardon Lewis Libby just to watch the left collectively implode. If you look through the long list of Clinton's Presidential Pardons (that were done right before he left office), you will soon see that most of the people he pardoned were convicted of the SAME thing Libby is: lying to the FBI, obstructing justice, lying to the Attorney General, etc. There were also people pardoned that had been convicted in cases involving the Clintons (closer than Libby is to Bush).

While I was patting myself on the back for such a good idea (that couldn't be criticized by the left without flagrant hypocrisy given the long and shady nature of Clinton's pardons), Bill O'Reilly came on and did a report about Lewis "Scooter" Libby's connection to one of those Clinton pardons: Marc Rich. Lewis was actually one of Rich's attorneys! This guy is no small fish. He's a billionaire that traded oil and arms with Iran while they were holding American hostages and was named in the Volker report as a broker for Saddam Hussein during the Sanctions in the Oil for Food scandal. Apparently Libby made almost 2 million dollars representing this traitor. So I say...Libby deserves whatever he gets -Karma's a bitch.

Reading through all of this did spark my interest once again in the Rich pardon -all the large contributions his wife made to the DNC and the Clinton library... Also, reading about Susan McDougal's pardon made me wish I would have had a blog during Clinton's rule... It must be much more fun to blog when you’re the party on the outs. Hopefully I won't experience that joy anytime soon.

It does make you wonder though -how much is the "partisan divide" a Washington construct to keep us all occupied with fighting one another and not watching closely enough what the elected are doing and how involved they all are in backroom deals...

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