Thursday, November 17, 2005

Philadelphian's Sick of Quotas...finally.

Thank God someone has finally taken notice... The Philadelphia Fire Department has been operating under race-based quotas for years. People that place 300 or above on "the list" after a test is given often never make it into the department --while others that may be down into the thousands on the list are somehow firefighters today...

This is wrong on SO many levels. This isn't a pencil pushing job. This is a life and death job. If they hire someone that scored low in an office, work might get done slower, but no one will die. I can't imagine taking the lesser qualified when lives and property are on the line. But hey, that's Philly.

I begged my brother to get together a class action lawsuit after the last test...he had grounds. Quotas are illegal. I told him to call one of the big groups (Alliance Defense Fund) that fights the ACLU and they would probably take the case pro bono. The Philly Police department did and won their case.

There is finally an organization that is taking on this juggernaut. The Concerned American Firefighters Association or CAFFA.
Facts from their site:
*Are you aware that the Philadelphia Fire Department has been tied down with a Court Ordered Consent Decree (Race Based Quota) for approximately 30 years with no end in sight.
*The judge presiding over the case retired in 2001 and a new judge was never assigned, not even to review the case.
*Do you know there have been numerous lawsuits filed over recent promotional list. Firefighters & Officers have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees just to get promoted?
*Are you aware that Race Based Quotas are Illegal?

(About PFD's hiring practices)

Admittance to the Philadelphia Fire department should be based ONLY on test scores and ability. This shouldn't only apply to RACE but to GENDER also. No special "easier" physical requirements for the females...if they can't do the EXACT course the men do, then they don't belong. It's long overdue that something was done about it...

My brother and my future brother-in-law (AB's man) will both be taking the test on Saturday. May the best candidates win...

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