Saturday, November 19, 2005

Open Letter to Mullet Diner Guy:

Justrose and I try to go out once a week, it's not always possible...but we try (Liz joins us when she can too). This weekly outing is KEY to the mental health of the SAHM. Just a few KID FREE hours to window shop, actually shop, have lunch with Pax, see a movie, go to a Greek restaurant...and come home refreshed, happier and ready to start the grind of the next week.

When we do get this rare KID FREE time, it always seems to be ruined by someone else's kid(s). I don’t begrudge the newborns (though I don't know why you have them in a crowded diner when they are that young...), but the 3-and-olders I begrudge.

To the man in the sketch to the left... Your horrible little 4 (5?) year old screamed and grunted through our entire meal. You and your wife sat and ate like you didn't hear him while everyone else in the diner got indigestion from his hour-long squeal. I understand that you like going out too, but if you have a child that isn't behaved enough to be in public...get a sitter or stay home. You made him, you deal with the repercussions. It is NOT FAIR to subject the 150+ patrons of the diner (who are paying to be there) to your awful child. You should have forfeited your meal and taken him outside.

That's-right, I sketched your picture as you sat there pretending to be oblivious. I sketched you so I could post your picture as punishment for ruining my only two hours out and for making me spend it listening to your kid...who made my kids look absolutely angelic.

P.S. 1987 called and they want their hair back... ;)

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