Friday, November 11, 2005

A Non-Obligatory Thank You...

This day passes for many without a word, a nod or a smile. Public schools (at least in the North East) no longer have off from school in recognition (Sad they have off for Labor Day and not Veteran's Day...not surprising, but sad).

Today I am thinking of the many WWII vets sitting in nursing homes with stories and metals packed in dusty boxes, the many Korean war vets never have had their praises sung, those who served in Vietnam who never had the support our current forces enjoy, the troops who served in Bosnia and the first Gulf War and our forces returning from Iraq and Afghanistan...

I can't even begin to imagine what you all have been through and the things you've seen... Three years on a ship with only one chance to dock, wondering if that seven year old is strapped with a bomb, exhaling with each step that doesn't trigger a trap and solemnly standing in front of that rifle and boots.

To all the Veterans from all the branches of the United States Military -Thank you for the service you gave, the time you lost and the scars you still bear.

Can anyone name all six men pictured?

Jay at Stop the ACLU has a great list of today's tributes.

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