Friday, November 04, 2005

Michael Savage for President

Needless to say, I am apathetic about the CIA leak media disclosure of "black sites" or secret prisons. These days it's going to take a hell of a lot more than VS panties, barking dogs, chilly rooms and naked Twister to have me bat an eye...especially after I came across this story (*GRAPHIC*).

We are fighting MONSTERS people and whatever it takes to eradicate them is OK by me. I CAN handle the truth and I fully understand who needs to be on that wall. Don't even say "we can't turn into them" because that's bullshit and I might have to come and chop off your head myself. Punishment is not terrorism. We might twist and arm or two to get information to SAVE lives...but we don't CHOP OFF SOMEONE'S HEAD for walking home from a Christian school because Allah commands it. Are you people serious? Are you really going to compare the US and panties and Lindy England to people would do THIS (*GRAPHIC*) to non-Muslims? Personally I say terrorize the hell (or the Allah) out of these Islamofascists...bring on the crusades baby and let the best God win. I'm pissed and I've had it with all the PC crap.

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