Saturday, November 05, 2005

Jimmy Carter Needs to Shhhhhhhhh!

Jimmy Carter claims to be a "born-again Christian" and normally I wouldn't feel comfortable arguing with someone's stated faith...but it's been hard enough for me to accept this given that he is pro-choice, then he recently made it worse with this...

...In a recent interview Carter said that "one of the biggest threats to our country is......"?

Terrorism? NO, Carter doesn't think so.
Islamofascism? Nope, not that either.

"...the religious right." The religious right?! (related story)

How insulting is that? You may think that the religious right is dorky or behind the times, but the things that they advocate (not having sex until your married, praying or not aborting your baby) will never HURT or THREATEN American.

*Sigh* And like Free said to me yesterday–who exactly is this religious right? Take this site for instance…almost all of the conservatives here are agnostics and atheists. You heathens! LOL

Sorry riceburner, Carter is a dolt and (IMHO) the worst President this US of A ever had...hammering a few nails isn't going to make up for that. (This isn't a "loyalty to Bush" thing -you Dems may remember that Carter didn't like Clinton either).

Update: To be fair --even though this post wasn't meant to focus on abortion, I just came across this press release...and it would seem Mr. Carter is now chastising the Dems reliance on a pro-choice stance.

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