Thursday, November 10, 2005


I haven't seen Jarhead yet. Justrose and I were going to see it last weekend, but we opted for a nice dinner instead (thinking the theater would be too full on an opening weekend).

I just read Froggy's review (Froggy Ruminations) and it's definitely worth the read. I had never been to his blog before and he's really funny. I love funny.

Jarhead Review: Welcome to The Suck

"While it is always very easy for veterans to nitpick war films to death for every minute technical discrepancy that conflicts with the reality of military service, this film’s errors were so glaring and ridiculous that only patchouli stinking anti-war activists would be gullible enough to believe them."

and "Sorry" handwritten note to France (which I'm guessing is a jab at the "I'm sorry" website after Bush won the election)

Thanks for the review...I think I'll go see "Pride and Prejudice" this weekend and wait until jarhead comes out on DVD.

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