Monday, November 07, 2005

I've Never Asked You Guys for Anything...Right?

Aaron, over at Aaron's CC is making a deck of blogger cards and I WANT ONE! I realize that I'm not an A-list blogger so I can't hope for the Queen...but can get a regular old heart?! (Hopefully it will be a bit better than the one pictured LOL)
Conservative Political Blogging Women are under-represented in the top tiers of the Ecosystem.

Nominations and rules for Deck of Bloggers 2005

Oops...I have to finish this sentence: “My blog [your blog name here] should be eligible in the [suit name] suit poll because [reason here].”

[[My Blog, Blonde Sagacity, should be eligible in the Queens/Hearts suit poll because I have been faithfully plugging along for over a year in this thankless 'sphere--always giving and never asking for anything in return...and I think it's finally my time to shine!!!]] LOL (Wow, good thing I could write that and not SAY it, I could have never done it with a straight face)

I need some of you in the TOP 100 to help me out here...Argghhh, Blackfive, Jay at Stop the ACLU... *blink blink* ...(*whining* I want a caaaarrd...) ;)
(The competition is open to Higher Beings, Mortal Humans, Playful Primates and Large Mammals)

Also, Wizbang is looking for new categories for the 2005 Weblog Awards. Here are a few I would like to see:

1) Blog you see liked all over and don't understand why. (Taking the 5th on who I have in mind)
2) Best blog that isn't in the top 500 (best blog no one seems to know about)
3) Best Music Blog (that actually posts about music and doesn't just have it in the title)
4) Blog that Spawned the most blogs (Blogfathers/Blogmothers)

...Ok, that's all I can think of right now...

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