Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Recruits Join Armed Forces Seeking War (Washington Times)

"...Going to war, more than job opportunities and money for college, is the post-September 11 allure for joining the armed services, military officials say. And, in a trend that bewilders and dismays those opposed to the war in Iraq, enlistment numbers are up and recruiting goals are mostly being met or exceeded.
"There is a sort of vendetta because of 9/11," says Staff Sgt. Jose Guerreiro, a senior drill instructor at Parris Island.
"Some recruits have even had family members killed in Iraq. We tell them chances are they'll be going," the sergeant said. "We explain to them that not everybody's going to be kicking down doors up front, but they know combat is likely for all Marines."
The military's numbers seem to back him up for the active-duty services, although the Reserves and National Guard units are having more trouble attracting new recruits.
For four out of the past five years, the Army has exceeded its goal for active-duty recruits, while regularly increasing the number desired. Fiscal 2005, which ended Sept. 30, was the first year it fell short, getting 92 percent of its 80,000 goal.
The Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps have all met or exceeded their annual recruiting goals for every year since September 11, although some monthly and quarterly shortfalls have occurred.
For 2005, for example, the Air Force exceeded its active recruiting goal of 18,900 new airmen by 322; the Navy topped its goal of 37,635 recruits by 68; and the Marines exceeded their 32,917 target by 44...
... For Marine recruits, chances of seeing combat are high, and that's why they join.
"I want to see action," says Christian Parker Dillard, 18, during a rare break in training at Parris Island.
A former high school soccer player from Auburn, Ala., Mr. Dillard says he made the decision to join the military as he watched the September 11 attacks from his classroom TV.
"I had to do something," he says, before engaging in a bit of interservice rivalry. "I'm above average and didn't want to join the Army and be like everyone else."

- By W. Thomas Smith Jr.
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