Thursday, November 10, 2005

In the Sandbox... (Good News from Iraq)

Iraqi, U.S. Forces Capture Kidnappers in Raids
"BAGHDAD -- Iraqi Security Forces working with U.S. Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery conducted a two-part operation to capture terrorists and search for illegal weapons in Zafaraniya Nov. 6 and 9.

Iraqi Police officers assisted by searching homes and interviewing residents in both operations.

Four suspected terrorists were detained in Operation Slap Shot Nov. 6. The men are suspected of involvement with a terrorist group notorious for kidnappings and executions. The first detainee is a suspected operative of that group and is also suspected of plotting to kidnap individuals.

The first suspect’s brother was also detained as part of the operation. The other two detainees are also suspected members of that same group.

The U.S. Soldiers conducted Operation Fast Break Nov. 9, which resulted in the seizure of illegal ammunition.

The Iraqi 2nd Public Order Brigade played a major role in the execution of this operation.

“The 2nd Public Order Brigade is increasing in efficiency and effectiveness every day -- they grow with each mission they conduct,” said Maj. Rich Ackerman. “Operationally they do very well, and today was a fine example.”

During the early-morning mission, Soldiers spoke with residents of a neighborhood primarily housing disabled veterans of the Iran-Iraq war.

“I think we made some friends today,” said 1st Lt. Clements Gover, B Battery, 1/9 FA platoon leader. “People responded really well to our presence and that of the Public Order Brigade officers we were with.” -Spc. Ben Brody, 2nd Brigade Combat Team PAO (Centcom news)

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