Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I get it!

I should be making pies and stuffing and somehow making room for the 10 people that will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at my home tomorrow afternoon...

BUT, something just became crystal clear in my I had to share.

Maybe everyone else already "got" this and I'm just slow on the uptake, but here goes.

I was driving home from picking up some last minute items and I was sitting at a traffic light behind a green Subaru station wagon with "Peace is a group effort", "War is not the answer" and "Bring them home now" bumper stickers adorning the back window.

"Bring them Home Now"
Obviously the other stickers show that this person is AGAINST war...most likely war of any kind...if, in fact, war isn't the answer. "Bring them home now" implies that it's about the troops and not the fact that war is "wrong".

That's it! That's why the antiwar crowd needs to perpetrate the myth that our Armed Forces are of inferior intelligence and education. Why they MUST believe that the recruits are only there as a way to get an education in a cruel Capitalistic society that holds them down unless they dedicate four years to Uncle Sam.
If they believed all soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors were like Free & Jpck and wanted to "blow things up" how could they have sympathy for them? How could they "support" people who were OK with killing? How could they use them in their campaign against war if they want to be part of that war? ...because if they are dumb, they don't know any better.

If the anti-war crowd accepted that the military was as smart (or smarter) than the general population and that they were enlisted of their own free will...then they would have to hate them as much as Bush. More than Bush, as "Bush never served". How could the peaceniks not loathe the warmongers? If they openly disdained the military they would loose almost all support from the average American. Therefore it serves their cause to believe the troops are dumb rubes that were tricked into this predicament...that way they can have stickers like "Bring them home now" and pretend that their concern is for the military personnel...

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