Friday, November 04, 2005

Homeschooling...I finally get It...

...But, don't get me wrong, I would still never do it (I don't think). There is a level of patience involved that I'm not sure I possess and I have already been home for seven years with one or two more to (even if it's selfish) I would really like to re-start my own career. The thought of a second income is delightful.

Before Justice was in first grade, I assumed the reason that people home schooled was only about ideology. I thought that it was parents that didn't want Jr. bringing home "Heather Has Two Mommies", learning about sex ed from pregnant, unwed teachers, receiving condoms for free, having an educational experience that is devoid of any moral guidance and bringing home packet after packet with papers like this one:

I am sure all this figures into the decision, but it never hit me before that it was actually about the EDUCATION. Justice comes home with assignments that are so tedious (and quite frankly downright trite). I feel so bad for this kid that has to sit there all day going over and over things he knew in PRE-SCHOOL because some kids can't grasp it. Mason is reading already and he just started pre-school this year and there are kids in Justice's class that can't read. Fine for them -it's a great school and they'll learn, but bad for my son who has to tread water for months on end.

We have begun to do more stimulating things at home to challenge him, but that isn't helping the boredom at school (we have been memorizing an SAT word a week and they absorb it like a sponge. It's hilarious to hear Mason tell Justice that he's loquacious and supercilious LOL). I know why you all home school...I am sure you can get done in two hours what it takes a school eight to accomplish and it's SPECIFIC to your own child's ability. Here's the things though- what do you do with them for the rest of the day? How do you make up for that social aspect...not just being around other kids, but the whole group/pack/pecking order social construct that I feel is so important.
...Anyway, another useless epiphany.

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