Wednesday, November 09, 2005


My friend just went into the hospital for bleeding and left her 4 day old baby here...

...I HAVE NO IDEA how to make formula or how much to give....


They have admitted K to the Hospital. We'll see how I do getting up every four hours tonight...

K has already had two blood transfusions. If you are so inclined, please pray for her and tesco's friend CJM (who is the baby's dad and is freaking out)

(That would be a blanket I knitted that my children didn't ruin...)

Goodmorning all! We made it through the night and she was awesome. She got up at 1am and 6:30am. I just heard from K -they have her pretty morphined up and she says the bleeding has finally stopped but the cramping is horrible (needless to say she is very weak). What Tab said in the comments is so are all so wonderful and your well wishes and support seriously mean so much to me (not to be mushy or anything).

Mason is smitten...

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