Wednesday, November 09, 2005

France Debate Part II: Flaming the Fire

One of my Type A personality traits is the fact that I REALLY don't understand it when people have an opposite view on a topic that is so clear to me. I don't come across my opinions lightly (at least the ones I'm passionate about). I read nothing but non-fiction, TONS of newspaper articles daily, and I watch news all day long (and no, not just Fox). I research the hell out of everything I hear and so I will concede that that may make me a bit condescending at times...

The subject of the MUSLIM RIOTS IN FRANCE is one of those things. The media won't even say "Muslim Riots". Wow, the left claims that the right is "motivated by fear", but who really is motivated by fear? Why are you all so afraid to say that these are Muslims rioting? You have no problem saying "Freaky born-agains" kill abortion doctors. Labeling doesn't seem to ever bother you then. Are you afraid it's not progressive enough to speak a minority out loud? The spin is that these riots have nothing to do with Islam and only the lack of jobs for "immigrants" in France. Have you ever been to Paris? There is nothing but immigrants...while I was there in '96, I actually commented to my Spanish friend that "I had no idea Parisians were so dark and looked so Middle Eastern". If there were no jobs for "immigrants", the stores would have no one working in them...

If this rioting was an unplanned action that just magically caught hold --why did police find a warehouse with gallons of gasoline, over 150 bottles and masks?
Also, how is this explained? "...disturbing new slogans were hurled, depicting Paris as "Baghdad-on-the Seine" and their campaign as the start of Europe’s Ramadan Intifada." (souce) To think otherwise is just naive...and dangerous.

The right isn't making up things to turn the world against Muslims -what purpose would that serve? Before 9/11 most Americans didn't think about Muslims at all. Infiltration by immigration is a STATED GOAL of Al Qaeda, not a myth of the right. Killing 40 million Americans is another STATED GOAL, not a construct of the GOP to create fear. If the left is correct and Iraq and Afghanistan were tools for UBL to recruit more members...why isn't it feasible that all those new members have sinister plans for the world? Are their numbers growing or not? You can't have it both ways.

Someone posed the question -"Who are we to say that radical Islam is wrong?"
Well, I guess that will be a decision that you make for yourself. I had a humanities professor once that believed it was wrong for us to tell China that they couldn't leave baby girls on the beach --or to tell Ugandans that they should circumcise their teenage girls. He believed those things were just "cultural differences". I believe there are universal rights and wrongs. Chopping of people's heads because they won't worship your God is ALWAYS wrong. If born-again Christians began surgically closing their girls so they would have to wait until they were married to have that I will be the first one yelling and the one yelling the loudest. This isn't a campaign against Islam, it isn't about hating a certain group of people or a's a campaign against WRONG. It's a conscious decision to never have my children live under Sharia law and subjugate their women. It's a reaction to history and the TRUTH that appeasement (Quisling) and denial (Chamberlain) NEVER works.

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