Sunday, November 20, 2005

Email Time Capsule

Have you noticed the little note on Yahoo! advertising that you can Send your future self an email that you will receive in 20 years?

I passed right buy it 1,000 times, but then I got to thinking...what would my 14 year-old self had said to me now? How cool would that be if I had a message from the teenage, big-haired ALa. So I decided that I'm going to do it. The thing is I am not sure whether to make it funny or serious.

I would like to tell my 54 year old self to grab a mirror and make sure I hadn't let myself down. That I wasn't in a Moo-Moo...that I had had my eyes done...that I still didn't own any clothing with Disney characters on it...that I wasn't listening to Lawrence Welk or taking square dancing lessons...that I wasn't holding people up in lines digging in my little change purse for two pennies...that I didn't own cats...that I wasn't leaving the house in stretch pants... Oh, so many things.

Or should I be serious? Pour out my soul and see if I feel the same in 2025.
Technologically speaking, won't it be wild if the email really finds its way 20 years into the future?

Here's how it works

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