Saturday, November 19, 2005

Deck of Bloggers Update...

First of all I want to thank all of you for Voting (and especially those of you that walked around army bases recruiting votes) LOL...

I GOT THE CARD! I am officially the 3 of Hearts (and Argghhh! got the 3 of Clubs!).

Female Winners (Hearts):
Michelle Malkin –Ace or Queen of Hearts (her choice)
The Anchoress –Ace or Queen of Hearts (depending on Michelle’s choice)
Atlas Shrugs — 10 of Hearts
SarahK — 9 of Hearts
Lorie Byrd — 8 of Hearts
Ann Althouse — 7 of Hearts
Soldier’s Angel — 6 of Hearts
SondraK — 5 of Hearts
Sister Toldjah — 4 of Hearts
Blonde Sagacity — 3 of Hearts
Karol at Alarming News — 2 of Hearts

Milblog Winners (Clubs):
American Soldier — Ace of Clubs
Blackfive — King of Clubs
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy — Queen of Clubs
Froggy Ruminations — 10 of Clubs
Michael Yon — 9 of Clubs
Wuzzadem — 8 of Clubs
Smash - Indepundit — 7 of Clubs
Mudville Gazette — 6 of Clubs
Risawn — 5 of Clubs
Bloodletting (Doc Russia) — 4 of Clubs
Argghhh!!! — 3 of Clubs
Baldilocks — 2 of Clubs

Voting is now open for SPADES. (in the Left-Hand Sidebar -not the posts)
Your choices:
A Nation of Riflemen
Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler (THE ROTTIE!)
The Middle Ground (KAT!)
Boi from Troy
Boing Boing
Cathy Seipp
Dean’s World
Doc Searls
Evangelical Outpost
In The Bullpen
INDC Journal
Iraq the Model
Jawa Report
La Shawn Barber
Little Green Footballs
Manolo’s Shoe Blog
Musing Minds
No Pasaran
Patterico’s Pontifications
Peace Like A River
The Political Teen
Professor Bainbridge
The Queen of All Evil
Regime Change Iran
Resistance is Futile
Right Wing Nut House
Riding Sun
Right Wing News
Stop the ACLU (JAY!)
Victor Davis Hanson
The Volokh Conspiracy
Bill Whittle

There are A LOT of good blogs on this list. More than three that I read daily...

This is a comment The Anchoress left on Aaron's blog that I completely agree with:

"Aaron, I have to tell you, this has been so much fun to participate in, and I think it’s really been an “upper” for the blogosphere, which has seemed so tense and bogged down, lately, what with the war, the Miers thing, the political madness…this is just great!"

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