Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cliff Notes:

Al Qaeda gets SA-18 anti-aircraft missile from the former Soviet Union. The French believe these were acquired to shoot down their passenger jets (similar to the "foiled plot" last year).

Eight terror suspects were found near a nuclear reactor in Australia. "Touma, Elomar and Hasan, along with five other Sydney men, have been charged with conspiring to manufacture explosives in preparation for a terrorist act. They will reappear in Central Local Court on December 5." That would certainly make for a "spectacular attack".

Palestinian security forces seem to be stepping up -Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei said that in the last month alone 48 attacks on Israeli targets have been stopped. Could this actually be progress?

Condoleezza Rice is definitely earning her paycheck. Over the weekend she secured a pledge of 1 billion dollars from Saudi Arabia for the rebuilding of Iraq. The money was promised after Secretary Rice successfully convinced Prince Saud al-Faisal that there would be no Iraqi civil war.

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