Friday, November 11, 2005

Be Careful When Giving to Veteran's Charities...

Many are being run less efficiently than the current welfare system! Welfare recipients typically receive 26¢ on the dollar (which is pathetic)...but new investigations have shown that many Veterans charities are only giving the charity 1¢ - 2¢ on the dollar!

"American Veterans Relief Foundation gives less than a penny of every dollar raised to veterans' causes, while American Ex-Prisoners of War Service Foundation in Tennessee hands over 2 cents for every dollar and the Foundation for American Veterans in Michigan gives 6 cents.
The review found that veterans' charities are more than twice as likely as others to hire professional solicitors, who typically keep 70 to 90 cents of every dollar they raise.
Donations to veteran's charities have increased since the war in Iraq began, the Courant reported.
"We actually get a lot of calls from people looking for a good veterans' charity," said Daniel Borochoff, president of the American Institute of Philanthropy.
But Borochoff has a difficult time recommending a good one. The institute rates 13 veterans' groups and none received a grade higher than a C-plus. All but one earned D's and F's." (source)

This is disgraceful... If Ollie North can run his Freedom Alliance for less than 5¢ on the dollar, then other charities can obviously do the same... The people donating deserve better than this and the Veterans the money was intended for definitely deserve better...

(*Thanks to 91Ghost for this story)

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