Thursday, November 10, 2005

Andrea Yates - Conviction Overturned because of Law & Order...

Andrea Yates' convictions have been overturned by a Texas judge and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld that ruling. The lawyers for Yates are trying to have her found "not guilty by reason of insanity". Once again I must champion my version -GUILTY by reason of insanity. Whether she was insane or not, FIVE children are dead.

How did lawyers manage to win this appeal...
"In January, the lower appeals court found that an expert prosecution witness, Dr. Park Dietz, presented false testimony. Dietz told jurors Yates may have been influenced by a "Law & Order" episode, but the episode did not exist." (source)

Here's the thing, I've always believed that "Rusty Yates", her husband, was equally or more responsible than she was. It infuriated me that he gets off scott-free like he's just a victim of this. The man is a Neanderthal. He sells their home to move seven of them into a trailer (not for financial reasons either) and insists that she home school. Imagine SIX people in a trailer ALL DAY and NIGHT long! He insists she have another baby after she had already suffered from major post-partum (yes, Tom's real) and has her home schooling again a few days after she returns from the hospital. (You can see the difference in the Pre-Rusty picture)

"'If the state of Texas allows Russell Yates to go unpunished for his part in the drowning deaths of his children, it will be a shame," Jody King of Cleveland wrote in a letter published in the Chronicle on Feb. 21.
Andrea Yates' best friend, Debbie Holmes, testified that Russell Yates had ignored her pleas to take his wife to see a doctor in the weeks preceding her first hospitalization last year. " (source)

I am NOT absolving this woman of the heinous acts that she committed...I am just wishing that good 'ol Rusty was in a cell of his own.

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